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to create: black writers, filmmakers, storytellers, artists and media makers riff on art, careers, life, and the beautiful mess in between

by Felicia Pride
eBook Edition
Agate Publishing, July 2012 (coming soon)


To Create is a collection of illuminating interviews with an eclectic set of black artists—including Harry Belafonte, Ava DuVernay, Common, Nikki Giovanni, Edwidge Danticat, Edward P. Jones, and more—as conducted by the writer, entrepreneur, educator, and consultant Felicia Pride. This is an honest, inspiring series of conversations in which Pride and her fellow artists talk openly about the challenges and rewards of working creatively across a multitude of platforms.

Over the course of dozens of frank discussions with writers, activists, and media creators, Pride elicits sincere firsthand perspectives on the struggle to find—or to create, if it’s not there—a niche for one’s voice in the media landscape. The personable and fluid interview style allows the artists to follow their threads of dialogue to unique, intimate revelations.

The interviews transition smoothly between similar themes, touching on the do-it-yourself mentality of creating; practical musings on media careers; as well as theoretical discussions on art, legacy, and community. Additionally, many of the artists, musicians, and authors discuss finding career longevity through a multi-platform approach, the connection between the personal and political in art, and the ongoing conflict between art and commerce. This is one of the most candid and diversified interview collections within the African-American community, but it is also a stirring look into what it means to be a creator.

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