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    I'm a writer and producer who creates across platforms, spaces, and experiences. Looking for my client work? Check out pride collaborative, the interactive studio that I run; or the create daily, we connect creators with career-advancing opportunities; or StoriesLead, a training ground and learning space for storytelling that moves crowds for good.
  • “…my favorite single session was probably Felicia Pride’s “Transmedia in Higher Education.” – EDUniverse

  • “Felicia Pride is a creative leader in new and traditional media work environments.” – Literary Freedom Project

  • “A storytelling guru…” – Center for Media & Social Impact

  • “Pride has unearthed the lyrical and thematic nuances that have empowered a generation to maneuver past personal and political barriers with confidence and style.” — Michael Eric Dyson

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Think, Act, and Create Like a Mashup

Consider this: according to Fast Company, on average, a person between the ages of 25 and 45 will hold 11 different jobs in their lifetime. Thirty percent of us will work in more than 15 different jobs over the course of our careers.

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