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Think, Act, and Create Like a Mashup

Consider this: according to Fast Company, on average, a person between the ages of 25 and 45 will hold 11 different jobs in their lifetime. Thirty percent of us will work in more than 15 different jobs over the course of our careers.

Here’s what’s also happening: Companies are increasingly looking for employees who can adapt to changing industry needs and who can quickly learn new skills.

Raise your hand if you’ve seen this job ad before:

Major media company seeks talented, multimedia journalists who, in addition to being able to do write, shoot, edit, fact-check, and package news stories of all types, are also creative technologists, data scientists, entrepreneurs, mobile product managers, social media strategists, and can perform tasks for jobs not yet invented.

Yeah, you’re supposed to be able to do it all today and in anticipation for jobs that don’t even exist.

On the flipside of this coin, more creatives can’t describe what they do in a neat title: I’m a writer, producer, strategist, entrepreneur, educator…And I’m not alone. Most of the creatives who sign up for The Create Daily, check several boxes to describe what they do.

In order to navigate our interests as well as the changing nature of the workplace and work in general, as well as our economy, we need to think, act, and create like a mashup.

Mashups are fusions of disparate elements, that when constructed well, create an innovative and powerful whole.

What mashups do:

  • They take the best or most fitting slices of different mediums and fuse them together.
  • The fusion creates a new whole that is generally relevant, innovative, and unique

So how do you think, act, and create like a mashup? A few ways to get started:

  • Seek out inspiration from different disciplines and philosophies.
  • Travel across physical and digital spaces.
  • Drop the box. In this case, I’m mean stop trying so hard to define yourself. Sometimes we spend more time defining what we do instead of actually doing.
  • While skill-building, also focus on trait-building. Work on being more adaptable, resourceful, flexible, diverse.
  • Operate from a mission and not a title.
  • Sample and layer like a music producer from different theories, worldviews, perspectives, and cultures and don’t apologize for it.

At the end of the day, you are the ultimate mashup of ideas, wants, desires, experiences, skills, perspectives, all of which are working together as a composition of you.

By thinking, acting, and creating like a mashup, you bring more to the table for jobs, projects, conversations and life. And you open yourself up for opportunities and experiences that travel way beyond your normal path.

Think, Act, and Create Like a Mashup – SXSW Interactive 2014 from Felicia Pride

Photo credit: Jessica Clark via Flickr

Join Me: Media that Matters Conference 2014

We’re only half way through January, and already 2014 is shaping up to be a pretty exciting year. I’m getting a chance to work with some amazing and talented people and organizations, one being the impactful Center for Media and Social Impact at American University (CMSi).

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Introducing StoryCode DC!

Big announcement!

My long-time collaborator Kelli Anderson and I are bringing StoryCode to Washington, DC! Founded in New York as a transmedia meetup, StoryCode has evolved into an open-source, global community for emerging and established cross-platform and immersive storytellers.

StoryCode DC will nurture a community of emerging and established storytellers in the DMV area who are exploring the ever-growing possibilities of narrative.

We’re having a launch and you’re invited!

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Educators as Producers

Transmedia refers to a set of choices made about the best approach to tell a particular story to a particularaudience in a particular context depending on the particular resources available to particular producers.” –Henry Jenkins

Henry Jenkins’ fairly open explanation of transmedia outlines what educators do in the classroom on a daily basis. We have to make a set of choices about the best approach to disseminate a particular unit to a particular audience in a particular context using available resources.

Yet when I mention “transmedia” to my fellow educators, I often receive blank stares or the very common response, “I don’t understand transmedia.” There doesn’t seem to be an inherent educational connection to the form.

So instead of focusing on defining transmedia, I look to connect the theories behind transmedia with the needs of educators (myself included). In my classroom and beyond, one such need is: how do I engage learners to be full participants and designers in the learning experience? It’s a goal that is both macro and micro.

This is where transmedia can step in. The unification of theories/practices like participatory culture, immersion, democratization, worldbuilding (with an eye towards history and prior knowledge), extensions, co-creation, user-generated content, and collective intelligence can provide rich, student-centered learning experiences.
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5 Tips for Transmedia Storytelling

Here’s an excerpt from a great article by Margaret Looney about transmedia storytelling.  She mentions pride collaborative and the story innovation event we organized during DC Week.

Check it out:

With readers juggling their tablets, mobile phones, laptops and more as they consume the news, journalists have an opportunity to create a new kind of story.

Transmedia storytelling means dividing chunks of a story across multiple platforms to form one cohesive narrative. Transmedia stories often have audience engagement as a key goal.

Creating an online component to a documentary film, hosting a live event to complement a recent profile on a needy cause, or pairing an interactive website with your book release are all ways to build audience engagement across platforms.

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You Are Invited: StoriesLab

A few months ago, I launched StoriesLead, a catalyst for great storytelling. And in a short time, we’ve produced two successful events, began nurturing a community, and have developed resources to help orgs, media makers, and companies produce stories that rock.

And now we’re hosting our first StoriesLab, a half-day event that’s dedicated to the exploration into the possibility of story.

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Story Innovation: Transmedia, Web Cinema, and Participatory Storytelling

For DC Week, we’d thought it would be a great time to talk things we love: storytelling, media, technology, and risk-taking.

Join me for an event that showcases some awesome examples in story innovation.

DC Week – Story Innovation: Transmedia, Web Cinema, and Participatory Storytelling
Pride Collaborative / The Create Daily
Friday, November 9, 2012 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (EST)
Washington, DC

Register here for this free event.

Advances in technology have provided storytellers with new platforms to play and experiment with. In this session, innovative storytellers will showcase their boundary-pushing projects, share their process, and discuss practical concerns like distribution, funding, and marketing.

Featured projects include: a web-based cinema project that combines verité and participatory footage; a transmedia project that fuses app production and the web; and an experiential learning and cross-media project geared towards children. This session is hosted by Felicia Pride of Pride Collaborative and The Create Daily.

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gigs & goodies for creatives 4.4.11

Funding for Immersive Storytelling and Transmedia Projects

Lots of knowledge gaining this week. First up, I attended the Transmedia New York City (now StoryCode) immersive meetup about project funding.

Mike Knowlton, cofounder of StoryCode, discussed the various options that are available to storytellers to fund their projects including self-financing, crowdsourcing, markets, investors/VCs, and grants/labs.

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