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The Case for Simplicity

I tend to think of myself as a big thinker. My ideas are sprawling and hard to contain.  I try not to cage imagination or possibility; I want them to run free.

When I first thought about The Create Daily, it was based upon my personal experiences as a writer and those of my creative friends who wanted to create daily, but also, wanted to eat. And I’m not talking about Ramen noodles. It is one of the more difficult plights of creatives: maintain stability and earn a more-than-decent income while waiting for your own creations to take off in a way that they can support you and themselves. And sometimes this takes years to happen, if it happens at all.

So I wanted to start something to help myself and others like me, navigate this thorny road.

The original idea for The Create Daily came with every bell and whistle you can imagine: community for creatives; online classes to help us manage our businesses and get better at our artistry; classifieds; global events; merchandise; content products – oh I could go on.

And each time I looked at this massive plan on my laptop, I became frozen in time.

The idea was too big.

So I did nothing. I did more nothing. And more nothing.

Until one day I sat down and asked myself, self: what can you do now? If I had to launch something in a day, what would it look like? Oh the power of time constraints.

So I had to do some division and deconstruction. I broke down The Create Daily into the smallest idea I could think of: sending creatives one opportunity a day via email. Easy. Cheap. Done.

It was so simple; I fell in love. Simple was sexy. And simple was doable. I could launch simple and see if creatives were even interested in what I was trying to do. I could change simple. I could add to simple.

And that’s what I’ve been doing since I launched The Create Daily in a very simple way a little over two years ago: adjusting simple.

Photo credit: Marcus Balcher via Flickr

What is Opportunity?

When I think about it, my career really has been a string of opportunities that I took advantage of.

Think about it. It is opportunity that takes us to the next level. It’s opportunity that connects us with the right people. It’s opportunity that provides the lessons we need to grow professionally.

So when I launched The Create Daily, I wanted to connect media makers and content creators with opportunities – not just jobs.

And to me, opportunity is hella broad.

A running list…

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